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When it comes to new hires, terminations, insurance regulations, retirement plan restrictions and other human resource issues, it’s what you don’t know that can hurt your business. Most business owners wade through and do what they have to to stay in compliance, but it can be drudgery. Because it’s not your passion or your specialty, you run the risk of missing important requirements that can cost you. Heritage Companies takes pride in saving businesses time and money by bearing the burden of helping your business stay in compliance.

  • Affordable Care Act Compliance — We know every detail of the ACA. In fact, attorneys and legislators  routinely call our ACA experts when they are dealing complex questions about the operation of the ACA. We ensure you have the latest and best information on how the law affects you.
  • COBRA Compliance — When an employee terminates, you have certain responsibilities to them under COBRA, including notice provisions. We provide seamless and headache-free service including employee notification and necessary forms.
  • Eligibility Tracking — New employee benefit eligibility … wage reporting deadlines … last-chance sign ups … we keep track of important dates and pass them along so your paperwork is completed on time.
  • HR Portal  — Our Gen4 employee portal is an online repository of forms and tools. It keeps your administrative records together and organized for easy reference. It also provides your employees with automated self-service access to the information they want and need in real time.
  • Seminars — For more complex subjects, such as COBRA eligibility or federal healthcare subsidies, our webinars provide convenient access to in-depth information.

With Heritage Companies as your administrative partner, you’ve got your compliance bases covered. Call us today at (816) 322-6350 to learn more.

Eliminate the burden of handling employee benefits and compliance