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Save Money and Improve Benefits

When it comes to purchasing insurance, everyone wants better benefits at a lower price. Heritage Companies has delivered on this request, creating an exclusive cost-saving solution that’s proven to be applicable for a variety of industries and Heritage clients.

Focus On What You Love

From employee management to government compliance, owning a business can be stressful. Let Heritage Companies take the stress out of your business.

It's Like Having A Free HR Department

Most small businesses cannot afford an entire HR department. At Heritage Companies, we provide many of the HR services that you need including management of employee data, enrollment, insurance claim issues and even post-employment coverage…all at no additional cost.

Dreading Your Annual Benefits Meeting?

Preparing for your annual enrollment period can be overwhelming. At Heritage Companies, we take care of your employee enrollment for you. From the meeting to the administrative details. Let us help you with your next open enrollment.

To better serve you we have partnered with Acrisure


"Quality & Service! Jeffrey and his team go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met when it comes to your insurance needs. I have been a client for years and am still impressed!"

- Andy O’Hanlon

"I am a small business owner that added health insurance to our company benefits. I have had a great experience with Jeffrey Williams and his Heritage Company team. They work with us in handling the set up, billing and employee questions that make the process feel easy."

- Frank Laster

"When it comes to health insurance, look no further. The team at Heritage Financial are great. Kelly & Tania are great to work with and find us the best insurance for our company every year."

- Elle Eggers

"The team at Heritage Companies is thorough and always so helpful when I need anything. Very customer oriented. Highly recommend!"

- Debbie @ CARSTAR

"Kelly and her Team are the BEST! They work really hard for all of us at Heartstrings! They are efficient and effective in answering any and all questions!"

- Bunny Higgins

"Heritage Companies has always been there for the Olivet Baptist Church and School. Jacob, Jennifer, and Katie have all gone above and beyond to meet our needs. Thank you"

- John Tilson

"This is by far the most professional and customer service-based company I have had the pleasure of being associated with. They respond quickly to any question or concern I have from my local representative all the way to the top of the executive ladder. They work together as a team and make sure there is always someone available to help us out. No matter how inconsequential the question might seem, they make sure to make us a priority. All the team members do their best to find the policy that is the right fit for our company and they have found great savings and benefits for us. Every year they make sure to do their best to search for the best products to offer and give us options available to choose from. We are grateful for the service, dedication and diligence in providing our company with all they to offer. I personally have recommended them to several people and continue to do so anytime I am given the opportunity!"

- O & M Enterprises, Inc.

"Our company is beyond satisfied with the customer service we have received from Jeffrey Williams and his team! He has been our insurance agent for years providing us with exceptional service, promptness, knowledge, and availability! Thank you for going above and beyond for our small business!"

- Jenny Simcox

"Heritage has been providing benefits for our company for more than 5 years now. Great team and very responsive. I would recommend them to any business owner."

- Josh Eliseuson

"We have worked with Heritage Co. for several years and they have taken the time to make sure that our employees get the best benefits that we can budget for. Meagan Corlew is the absolute best! She is always available to help us anytime we call, no matter what we need! They by far have the best customer service around! They go above and beyond to take care of our company!"


"My last employer worked with Heritage, so I had worked with Meagan at my previous employer and when I got hired on at my new job and found out she was my contact at Heritage I was ecstatic! She has always went above and beyond no matter the size of the group, large or small. She treats everyone like they are her one and only customer."

- Suzy F

"I had questions regarding proof of coverage and Amelia jumped on it immediately and answered all of my questions. Friendly and professional."

- Krissy S.

"We have worked with Heritage Co. for several years and they have taken the time to make sure that our employees get the best benefits that we can budget for. Meagan Corlew is the absolute best! She is always available to help us anytime we call, no matter what we need! They by far have the best customer service around! They go above and beyond to take care of our company!"

- Lisa Mahaffey – SJCFD

"We have been with Heritage Companies for several years now and are very pleased with the service we have received from them. They have worked diligently on our behalf to obtain the best health benefits at the best price for our company. During open enrollment, they meet with our employees to explain benefits and answer our questions, and our Account Manager Meagan is always available to assist throughout the year on a timely basis whenever I reach out to her. They are a valuable resource for our health insurance needs!"

- C. Jones

"Our Heritage agent came to our office to answer everyone's questions about each of the insurance plans available as a group, as well as individuals. As our company grows he has offered his services to each new employee that comes aboard. He has worked very hard on getting us through the renewal seasons and getting the best pricing for our plans. I was very impressed that he even went a step further by catering our lunch during open enrollment, stayed to make sure everyone understood what they signed up for and to make sure paperwork was complete before he left. He made sure everyone knew if any questions or concerns came up to give him a call."

- Fisher

"Marita went above and beyond to help me and make sure my insurance needs were met. I am grateful for the service at Heritage Companies! Thank you!"

- Brenna

"We just wanted you to know that Dustin has been a superb asset for us. He has taken all the time we have needed to discuss our financial issues. Always pleasant, courteous and most importantly empathetic to our needs, wants and desires. Cudo’s to him. Keep him around. He is an extremely beneficial asset to your company. Thanks for putting him on to us."

- M. & K. Henrich

"Our Heritage agent came to our office to answer everyone's questions about the health insurance plan and took us step by step through the benefits. He was willing to go talk to the health insurance rep face to face to work out a deal on our behalf. I have been very impressed with the amount of time and effort he put into making sure we understood what we were buying into, which helped us provide a valuable benefit to our employees."

- S. Eichhorn

"Heritage Benefit Consultants is held in high regard as far as customer service is concerned. Inquiries are responded to in a timely efficient manner. The customer support staff is quite competent and very responsive and what is most impressive is the service provided to our employees is incredible. In addition, Heritage understands our business and is a supporter of our cause."

- J. Tewes

"Our Company has worked with Heritage Companies for several years now and I highly recommend working with them. They have been a real asset to helping our Company find insurance benefits for our Employees that works for all persons involved. "

- N. Pointer

"Three years ago I engaged Heritage Companies as our health insurance broker. To my pleasant surprise they have provided services well beyond what I expected from an insurance broker. They truly partner with us allowing us to offer the best benefit package possible that we can afford."

- B. London

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Being a business owner can be stressful when it comes to insurance, human resources and regulations. At Heritage Companies, we are benefit experts so that you don’t have to be one. That leaves you more time to focus on growing your business.

Independent Insurance Agents

Recognized as a local leader, our goal is to provide clients with more than just good insurance plans at affordable prices. We want to help you determine and implement strategies to achieve your goals.

Compliance Is Critical

Your employee benefits are too important and complex to be handled with a “hit or miss” approach. Everyone promises good or even excellent customer service. Our promise is different

Let us transform your experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our philosophy and approach combines custom plans with highly personalized service and support. The result? Greater consistency and less complexity for everyone.

Hassle-Free HR Management

Having the right HR system in place can be the difference between surviving and thriving when it comes to managing your employees. Heritage Companies provide HR Management Services to employers to make the process a smooth one.

Eliminate the burden of handling employee benefits and compliance