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Heritage Companies provides a customer care focus that I have not experienced elsewhere. Jacob’s ability to thoroughly understand the needs of an organization and apply creative thinking to it provides invaluable expertise that directly impacts savings. His introduction of Premium Saver in 2020 has allowed company-wide savings, which we extended directly to the employees. Knowing that we have Heritage Companies as a resource for creative plans, customer service, and employee education has truly allowed our Human Resources department to focus on things time normally wouldn’t allow for.

– Jodi Smith, VP, Human Resources of Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired

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When it comes to purchasing insurance, everyone wants better benefits at a lower price. Heritage Companies has delivered on this request, creating an exclusive cost-saving solution that’s proven to be applicable for a variety of industries and Heritage clients.

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We help companies retain or improve their employee’s level of coverage while saving revenue for the bottom line and saving money for its employees to keep in their pockets! Our strategy is designed to support long-term savings to assist in building more value for your organization and strengthening your bottom line.

Contact – To start businesses can contact Heritage Companies – via phone or email – for a FREE consultation. 

Analysis – Heritage Companies will review the businesses’ current plan using a census for quoting purposes and using that data to analyze the possibility of cost savings and benefit improvement.

Present – Heritage Companies will sit down with you and present the best long-term, cost-savings strategy that fits your company’s benefits strategy.

We use Heritage Companies for our company benefits since 2009 and I would never work with anyone else! Their staff is very knowledgeable. They shop the rates around to give you the best solution for your company. They offer an amazing HR management system for smaller companies which has been a tremendous help to us since we don’t have a full-time HR manager. This company goes above and beyond in customer service!

– Amy Driver, President/CEO of Digital Division

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Heritage Companies provides cost-effective coverage for hundreds of business from all industries. From media to digital marketing, engineering to education, and construction to landscaping, no matter your field, our strategies can help you maximize savings and minimize out of pocket expenses. Contact us today to realize the real cost-savings solutions.

30+ Years of Money-Saving Results

Heritage Companies was established more than 30 years ago with the goal of helping individuals and businesses with insurance, financial needs and employee benefit management services. We are one of Kansas City’s largest independent insurance, benefit, and financial planning agencies. Our partnership with Acrisure, one of the top 10 insurance brokers in the world, affords us the opportunity to tap into a nationwide brand while providing resources to our clients on a local level.