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Health Insurance for Individuals in KC: Get More Information Before You Buy Part 2

In the first part of two about purchasing private health insurance plans for individuals, we mainly looked at the advantages and disadvantages. In this post we’ll address questions you may want to ask the agent.

If you do decide to go with private health insurance, then you’ll need to make sure that you work with the right insurance agent. Figuring out what type and what amount of insurance best meets your specific needs can be an overwhelming and confusing process. Having the right agent to help you assess your situation and apprise you of your options can be invaluable during the process.

Being able to trust in your agent’s expertise and professional judgment and trusting that he/she will be working in your best interest are the keys to having a successful working relationship. Do remember that the agent also needs to be able to trust in you. So always make sure that any information you provide to your agent is honest.

You will also want to keep a few questions in mind to ask your agent as you compare plans:

* What are the plan’s monthly premiums, coinsurance, and deductibles?

* What benefits does the plan offer?

* What pre-existing conditions affect my coverage?

* Is the doctor or hospital I want to use covered under the plan?

* If I use out-of-network providers, will there be additional fees or charges?

* How does the referral system operate?

* How is care handled should I need medical services when I’m away from home?

* Does the plan have a maximum amount it will pay over my lifetime or per year?

In closing, purchasing health insurance for individuals isn’t as complicated as it might seem, but getting the right policy will take a little effort on your part. Remember to approach it just as you would any other major purchase – research all your options, do price and benefit comparisons, and seek expert advice and assistance.

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