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Flu Shot Information: Do You Need It And Will It Be Covered By Your Health Insurance?

The medical progress which has taken place in the last couple of decades has taken us to a whole new level when it comes to fighting against parasites, viruses and various smaller illnesses such as the flu. As a matter of fact, it has come to the point where a shot for the flu was actually developed, something which at some point was thought to be absolutely impossible to do. However, the phenomenon is quite recent and you should take the time to familiarize yourself with some of the more important flu shot information in order to see whether or not you ought to be getting one.

First of all, the flu shot has been approved for anyone who is older than six months of age, regardless of whether or not they are healthy or have some type of chronic medical conditions. There are three types of flu shots available, one for those of 6 months and older, a high-dose one for people over the age of 65, and a third one for people who are aged 18 to 64. Alternatively, instead of having an injection you could also obtain the flu shot in nasal spray form.

While all the flu shot information so far leads to believe that it is quite harmless, there are some people for whom it may cause health complications. People who may have complications include those who have an allergy to eggs, those who had a violent reaction to their influenza vaccine, children who are younger than six months of age, people who have some type of illness that causes a fever, and those who have a history of the Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which is an illness that mainly causes paralysis.

The flu vaccine can definitely help you to avoid getting sick all year long, but you should still talk with your doctor and get all the flu shot facts and information before making your decision.

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