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Medicare Part B Coverage

Medicare Part B Coverage

Part B is Medical Insurance and covers physicians services, outpatient care, test, and supplies.

On Expenses incurred for:

Medicare Covers

You Pay $162 Annual Part B Deductible PLUS

Medical Expenses: Physicians services, inpatient, outpatient medical/surgical services, physical/speech therapy, diagnostic test. 80% of approved amount 20% of approved amount
Clinical Laboratory Services: Blood Test, Urinalysis Generally 100% of approved amount Nothing for Services
Home Health Care: Part-time or intermittent skilled care, home health aide services, durable medical supplies and other services. 100% of approved amount; 80% of approved amount for durable medical equipment Nothing for Services; 20% of approved amount for durable medical equipment
Outpatient Hospital Treatment: Services for the diagnosis or treatment of an illness or injury Medicare payment to hospital based on hospital cost 20% of Billed Amount
Blood After first 3 pints of blood, 80% of approved amount First 3 pints plus 20% of approved amount for additional pints

On all Medicare-covered expenses, a doctor or other health care provider may agree to accept Medicare “assignment.” This means the patient will not be required to pay any expense in excess of Medicare’s “approved” charge. The patient pays only 20% of the “approved” charge not paid by Medicare.Physicians who do not accept assignment of a Medicare claim are limited as to the amount they can charge for covered services.


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