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Small businesses don’t always have a dedicated HR professional. Without this personnel resource their benefits are someone’s secondary responsibility. Basic health insurance alone is a complicated topic for a non-specialist, and businesses today are expected to handle a variety of other employee benefits on a day-to-day basis.

For companies that utilize our HR management services, Heritage Companies’ G4 software system is mere clicks away. This online portal tracks everything — from employee anniversaries to long-term care insurance — giving you an at-a-glance repository of research, forms and time management tools. Available topics include:

  • Dental insurance
  • State regulations pertaining to employee rights   
  • COBRA  regulations
  • Voluntary life, disability and long-term care insurance
  • Wealth management

Give your employees the benefits they deserve without burying yourself in paperwork. Call Heritage Companies today at (816) 322-6350 to learn how our HR portal can minimize your administrative responsibilities.