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Group Disability Insurance

Group Disability Insurance

Group Disability Insurance Coverage can enable your employees to

  • Cover payments for mortgage loans or rent
  • Keep their car payments up to date
  • Make payments on monthly bills
  • Buy food for their families
  • Save enough money for retirement
  • Put money aside for their children’s education

The large majority of people do not grasp the reality of becoming disabled, whether it be temporarily or permanently but unfortunately the hard truth is that 43% of people under age 65 become disabled for a period of 90 days or more.

Unfortunately most people do not have Individual Disability Insurance and employers should therefore seriously consider providing Group Disability Insurance coverage for their employees when taking these sobering figures into consideration.

Long term disability can cripple any household and cause people to struggle financially. To protect employees and their families, employers should consider providing disability insurance. There are several different products available to suit any business.

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