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Beyond Benefits

You forged your business on passion. With time and experience, it grew into something broader, deeper and better than when you started out. Now you do it as well or better than anyone — it defines you — it sets you and your business apart from the competition.

Your passion is the source of your success. The more time and energy you give it, the greater your success. But as your business grows, it requires time and attention to details that aren’t necessarily your expertise…That’s our expertise.

We forged Heritage Companies on providing group and individual insurance. Over time, in response to a constantly changing business and regulatory landscape, we expanded into a wider array of employee benefits. Like your business, we grew into something broader, deeper and better than we were.

Yes, we provide insurance and benefits; we do it as well as anyone, working with you to match your company’s needs to the the best products and services available at the best possible rates. But lots of companies can do that. Yes, we provide personal, customized, responsive and world class service; so do many other insurance brokers.

So what sets us apart? What defines us? What do we offer our clients that no one else can? We go beyond — beyond what’s required; beyond the call of duty; beyond benefits —  delivering unparalleled knowledge, expertise, service and support.

Group Services

Beyond Benefits. Our group insurance and employee benefits management services streamline benefits enrollment, minimize paperwork, ensure proper claims handling, and remind employers and employees about important regulatory deadlines.




The Affordable Care Act. Many have lamented its complexity. It’s a minefield for businesses. Most don’t know where to start to navigate it. We do. We humbly but confidently declare that no one knows it better. And we know the ramifications of the ACA to your business. In fact, lawmakers and attorneys throughout the region and the country call on us sometimes to answer their questions and consult on their cases about the ACA. In addition, we can help with all your compliance and regulatory questions, including COBRA and FMLA.



Human Resource Management

Beyond benefits. Heritage Companies provides you with unparalleled knowledge and access to experts to manage human resources for your small business. We are your virtual human resources department — freeing you from the headaches and stress of HR compliance issues, freeing you up to run your business. Our exclusive Gen4 Employee Portal streamlines new hire processing, minimizes paperwork, automates record-keeping; and gives you unlimited access to Human Resources experts, forms, articles, best practices, and more.



We also offer Individual Services for employees who need insurance solutions between jobs or while they wait to qualify for insurance through their employer.

That’s why our clients choose Heritage Companies, because that’s what we do best. Leaving you free to do what you do best. Our clients love us. Explore below to find out why.

Eliminate the burden of managing employee benefits, compliance and human resources.