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Human Resources Management

Human Resources. As your business grows, so will the number of employees you have to keep track of. In most cases, your people are your biggest asset and at the heart of what your company does. But it is also a lot of administrative work. Work that is not in your area of expertise, and time spent on tasks that are not revenue-producing for your company. Frankly, it can be a headache at best, and a nightmare at worst.

Heritage Companies has years of experience in managing the administrative and compliance issues related to the employee benefits side of human resources. So it only makes sense that we would grow into and develop expertise and relationships to assist you in that aspect of your business. It is a natural progression.

The Gen4 Employee Portal we use to help your employees input and access all the information needed to enroll and administer their health benefits, also manages an even broader array of HR administration documents and data.

Our HR management services include:

  • Onboarding for new hires
  • Vacation and time-off tracking and approval
  • Company calendars and holiday schedules
  • Document repositories for important documents such as company policy manuals, summary plan descriptions for benefit programs, state and federal workplace compliance notices
  • Automated HR notification and messaging system
  • Full online access to HR360, a dedicated human resources company with resources to address every possible HR conundrum and question, including thousands of articles, documents, forms, letters and templates.
  • Direct access to a live HR consultant for any questions you may encounter.
  • 1 full-day training per year to train employees or managers on a variety of topics

Heritage Companies goes beyond benefits to take the headaches out of human resources administration. That allows you to focus on the work of developing your people and growing your business. Call us today at (816)322-6350 to find out how we can help lessen your HR burden and increase your productivity.

Eliminate the burden of handling employee benefits and compliance.